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Emergency, Power Line, Safety Applications

In situations where tree topping is necessary, an experienced tree care company like Arborwell Professional Tree Management will carefully remove the necessary tree limbs to make the tree and its environment safe. Our ISA certified arborists employ the best tree management practices to ensure the health of your trees while taking care of any potential hazards that you may be concerned about.

We are a professional tree care company with offices throughout California, serving all areas of the Sacramento region, as well as the San Jose / San Francisco Bay Area, and the San Diego area.

Call us today at to discuss the tree care requirements for your campus, municipality, or personal property. Fill out our Tree Assessment form to request a visit from one of our ISA certified arborists.

Tree topping is a common but potentially unsafe practice of removing large branches from the top of a tree’s canopy. Many property owners believe that the top part of a tree may be removed and the tree will not be harmed. Actually the opposite is true. Performed improperly, tree topping is a practice that can be most detrimental to the health and beauty of a tree. It should be implemented for emergency situations, such as storm damage, nearby property safety, or in the case of blocking essential services.

Improperly performed tree topping services can cause a number of tree problems:
  • The balance between the roots and crown is destroyed. Removal of too many branches and leaves can lead to decreased growth and vigor
  • Sunscald of the branches and trunk can occur. Bark tissues exposed to full sun may develop disease cankers.
  • Large stubs can’t heal and become susceptible to insect attacks and fungal decay.
  • New growth is weakened by tree topping. New sprouts are attached to the surface of stubs rather than being anchored from within former limbs.
  • Topping can disfigures trees and alter the natural beauty and structure of trees.
  • It is only a temporary solution. A topped tree will grow back to its original height, but its natural form is lost.
  • Weak branches will likely promote additional maintenance costs.

Based on the situation, Arborwell Professional Tree Management can offer a variety of alternatives to tree topping services like tree pruning and trimming, tree moving and transplantation.

If you think your Sacramento area property requires professional tree topping services, call Arborwell today at and we’ll suggest the proper way to solve your tree problems. You can also use our online tree assessment request form to get in touch. Our trained arborists will carry out a tree inspection and suggest methods to maintain tree structural integrity and beauty.

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