Consulting Arborist Seattle

Rely On a Consulting Arborist for Seattle’s Trees

Consulting Arborist Seattle

For local businesses that care about the health of trees in Seattle, a consulting arborist is an investment in our environment.

An arborist has skills and technical knowledge, gained through years of training and testing, explicitly geared toward tree care. Arborwell’s consulting arborists in Seattle are qualified to provide a variety of services that keep the trees on your property healthy and beautiful, even during stressful periods of drought.

The International Society of Arboriculture promotes the arborist profession through education and research. ISA-trained arborists employed by Arborwell help our commercial clients manage their property through comprehensive assessments of tree health and advice on planting, transplanting, removal, trimming, and long-term tree care plans.

Our Seattle Consulting Arborists Have Tree-Specific Expertise

Many landscaping contractors in Seattle with limited tree expertise rely on Arborwell’s consulting arborists for tree care. Our arborists advise clients in the following areas:

  • Planting and transplanting. Many people don’t realize that proper planting techniques are essential to the life of a tree, whether it is a sapling or a mature transplant. Certified arborists provide valuable expertise on site selection and preparation, guarding against root damage, properly digging the hole and planting, and backfilling. These professionals offer the best chance for your new tree to thrive.
  • Shaping of trees through skillful trimming is a blend of science and art. It can also be dangerous, so Arborwell recommends hiring an arborist who has experience who is using the correct equipment and knows how to prune without damaging the tree. A professionally pruned tree is healthier and less likely to drop branches, a liability concern.
  • Emergency care. When the trees on your property need immediate attention, our certified arborists are on hand. Their knowledge can be the difference between preserving a storm-damaged tree or having to remove it.
  • Ongoing maintenance. Periodic tree care is a cost-effective option for businesses or governmental entities that own a lot of trees. Service calls by an Arborwell arborist are your assurance that your trees will be inspected, fertilized, and pruned according to a regular schedule. We handle problems in the early stages, avoiding more drastic and expensive solutions later.

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If you are a property owner or manager in the metro area of Seattle, a consulting arborist from Arborwell can assess the condition of your trees and develop a long-term plan for tree care. Learn more – call today to talk to an Arborwell representative.

Arborwell performs our Consulting Arborist Services in the following Seattle areas:

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