Long Term Proactive Planning

Arborwell helps you plan for what’s to come with a customized proactive tree care plan.

Our first goal when walking a property or community with you is to identify “Priority One” or “Immediate Need” work, which is determined by the manager’s needs as well as any potential risks or failures we may see. Once we do that, we provide our customers with a long-term plan to properly manage their trees and best ensure their lasting health, safety, beauty and value.

We often compare tree care to human health care – small, consistent investments in proactive management can help avoid dangerous, costly emergencies in the future. For example: if you go to the gym, schedule regular check-ups with your doctor and dentist, and generally take care of your health and well-being on a regular basis, you are very likely to lead a long, healthy life. It is the same with trees – if you provide them with proper maintenance and care over time, taking into account their specific needs when it comes to their species and environment, they are likely to remain healthy, valuable assets within your landscape. Conversely – skipping the gym and ignoring potential health problems can lead to costly issues down the line, like disease and injury. For trees, this could mean money lost on property damage, tree removals and replacements, and disease.

A long-term, multi-year proactive tree care plan helps our customers solve future headaches and protects them from any avoidable liabilities. It also helps to “look into the future” to help with long-term budgets for properties and communities.

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