ISA Certified Arborist in Seattle


Seattle is well known for its dense, lush greenery. Dubbed the Emerald City, local government, businesses, and residents carefully preserve the trees populating their beautiful forests and parks, with special restrictions surrounding their care. Choosing someone to care for these valuable assets is an important decision. Fortunately, when you need trusted, experienced tree care services in Seattle, the ISA certified arborists at Arborwell have you covered. 

ISA Certified Arborists Provide a Higher Level of Tree Care

Our dedicated tree care specialists understand that well-tended trees are an asset, protecting them and upholding the value of your property with proper tree care. We have the knowledge and experience to safely maintain your trees. Our arborists have earned ISA certification, passing a comprehensive national examination administered by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). They also hold 3+ years of full-time practical experience, and a degree in a related field from an accredited institution. 

Our ISA certified arborists continue their educational journey throughout their careers, staying up to date on the latest industry information and techniques. This knowledge gives our arborists a competitive advantage, allowing us to manage any issue you encounter with your trees effectively and efficiently.

In choosing our ISA certified arborists, you can avoid the common issues frequently seen with inexperienced contractors. Our experienced professionals ensure proper care, helping you avoid property damage and injury from improper tree trimming and removal. Dedicated to helping you maintain the longevity of your trees; our skilled arborists protect them from rough or inappropriate maintenance methods that can cause damage and threaten their lifespan.

Offering a Range of Arborist Services for Seattle and Surrounding Areas

Our ISA certified arborists have years of experience. We have been managing commercial and public properties since 2001, providing trusted:

  • Arborist reports
    ISA certified arborist reports are a crucial part of a comprehensive grounds care plan, offering vital details about the health of your trees and uncovering the maintenance tasks necessary to improve their condition. Our detailed reports can also help you plan landscaping and development around healthy trees on your property, ensuring compliance with city inspections.

  • Tree evaluations
    Determine your tree care needs, from basic pruning to disease mitigation, safety issues, and removal, with a tree evaluation from an Arborwell expert.

  • Tree health care
    Our strategic, comprehensive tree healthcare plans ensure your trees are properly cared for and protected from pests and diseases. With a long-term, proactive strategy devised by Arborwell experts, including proper pruning, soil amendments, and irrigation, you can assure the lasting health of your trees and the beauty and safety of your grounds.

  • Pest and disease treatment and prevention
    Our knowledgeable arborists can quickly identify and treat pests and disease, protecting your landscape from further damage and returning your trees to health.

  • Tree removal and replacement
    Our arborists are familiar with Seattleā€™s tree removal laws and can perform emergency tree removal when necessary, replacing lost trees and restoring your property with a compatible substitute.

  • Management of safety and liability issues
    Curtail complaints, proactively controlling problems such as poor views, fallen branches, blocked pathways, and interference with electric lines. We can quickly manage issues, preventing harm to trees and pedestrians.

Ensure safe, professional tree care with help from an ISA certified arborist in Seattle. Contact Arborwell at and request a consultation for your Seattle, Tacoma, Everett, Renton, Kent, or Redmond commercial property from a certified arborist today.

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