Professional Tree Services in Seattle

Professional Tree Services in Seattle

Tree Care Services in SeattleKeep your commercial landscape healthy, green, and beautiful with professional tree services in Seattle from Arborwell. Our certified arborists provide year-round, proactive tree care. We offer a range of services to help you reduce maintenance costs and keep your landscape looking its best.

Environmentally Friendly Tree Care

Our Seattle arborists have expertise in the multitude of tree species that call the Emerald City home. Using this knowledge in combination with detailed soil test data, we can devise a customizable, ecologically responsible landscape management plan to improve soil health and tree vitality, supporting your trees’ ability to ward off pests and disease.

Seattle Tree Fertilization and Care

Encourage healthy growth, a strong root system, and pest and disease resistance with our tree fertilization and care services. Our landscape management professionals never apply unnecessary nutrients. We rely on soil testing to identify pH issues, nutrient deficiencies, and available organic matter, creating a personalized plan based on your Seattle landscape’s unique conditions.

Tree Trimming and Maintenance in Seattle

Reduce hazards and keep your property looking neat and clean with routine tree trimming and maintenance in Seattle. Our experienced crew knows how to thin foliage and remove branches without over-pruning and harming your trees.

Tree Root Pruning

Large tree roots that encroach on streets, parking areas, pathways, drainage, and buildings can cause significant damage. Fortunately, our ISA-certified arborists can trim tree roots without injury, safeguarding your property and your trees.

Hazardous Tree Management and Tree Removal

Our risk assessment and removal services ensure rapid identification of injured or dangerous trees and weak branches, providing prompt pruning, bracing, or removal. Our licensed arborists can perform tree removal services in compliance with Seattle city regulations, including large and dangerous trees near buildings and utilities.

Safeguard your valuable landscape with professional tree services in Seattle from Arborwell Professional Tree Management. Our ISA certified arborists provide a higher level of care. Contact us today at to request an arborist consultation for your Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Kent, Edmonds, or Bothel property.

Seattle, WA

The Emerald City is home to many large corporations, including Amazon, Microsoft, Starbucks, and Boeing. Its dramatic mountains, shimmering shorelines, and verdant green forests draw residents, businesses, and tourists. Arborwell is proud to protect Seattle’s beauty, offering environmentally friendly tree care services that keep the city lush and green.

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