Urban Forest Management in Seattle

Urban Forest Management

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Caring for your urban forest is more important now than ever. Arborwell tree health care professionals understand the crucial role city trees play in society today, when more than 80% of Americans live in urban areas. We recognize each urban landscape is unique, from green spaces squeezed next to parking lots, to those nestled between private business grounds, and stretching across sprawling public parks. These areas require proper care to mitigate the many risks of the urban forest environment. Our tree health care professionals can help you devise a proactive urban forest management plan for your Seattle property. We can work together to safeguard your trees, ensuring maximum lifespan, lasting value, and long-term benefit to the community.

Why Forest Management Is Important

Well-managed outdoor spaces provide significant benefits to people and wildlife. Seattle’s green spaces offer a beautiful setting for residents to enjoy, as well as a habitat for animals. City trees are beneficial to the environment on multiple fronts, providing cooling shade to reduce the urban heat island effect and cooling system use. They reduce noise, improve air and water quality, and control runoff. Trees also add visual appeal and value to your property. Without proper care, however, you may not enjoy these important benefits.

Arborwell Experts Can Skillfully Manage Your City Forest

Arborwell’s tree wellness experts understand the unique challenges of trees in the city environment. Our urban forest managers can assist you with:

  • Maintaining existing trees
    Our hardworking team can take a load off of your trees, removing overgrowth and dead branches, ensuring adequate clearance around pathways, roadways, and utilities, and managing soil amendments and irrigation needs.    
  • Identifying and assessing the condition of trees on your property
    Our registered consulting arborists can inventory and assess the current state of your trees, identifying each by species, age, and health. This thorough assessment allows you to prioritize tree care tasks, providing crucial data on biodiversity, canopy cover, invasive species, diseases, pests, and the need for dead/hazardous tree removal.
  • Diversifying your landscape
    Renew your city forest, realizing your vision of a more lush, diversified space with help from our tree management professionals. We will work with you, identifying the needs of your greenspace based on your desired results and budget, creating a step-by-step plan to reach your objectives.
  • Managing hazards
    Urban trees face many threats. Fortunately, we have the expertise to manage all the challenges your trees bear:
    • Invasive tree species
    • Fruit hazards
    • Pests and disease
    • Water management challenges
    • Environmental stress
    • Storm damage
    • Utility encroachment
    • Abuse from vehicles and pedestrians
  • Monitoring your urban forest
    Our experts are well-versed in monitoring for and managing unexpected challenges in your landscape. We can help you alter your plan to address fire risk, disease, and pest infestation, heading off these issues and keeping you on track for success.

Caring for city trees isn’t a foreign concept for our knowledgeable team. We can meet your toughest urban forest management challenges. Contact Arborwell Professional Tree Management to request a consultation with an ISA certified Seattle arborist today.  

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