Seattle Tree Pest Services

Seattle Tree Pest Services

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Rapidly identify and treat invasive insects with Seattle tree pest services from Arborwell Professional tree management. Invasive pests can thwart healthy tree growth. Left unchecked, they may ultimately destroy your valuable trees. We use proven treatment methods, protecting your landscaping investment and restoring your plants and trees to health.

Signs of Seattle Tree Pests

Boring, chewing, and sucking insects can rapidly cause damage to your valuable trees. Our ISA-certified arborists know the symptoms of pest infestation.

  • Sticky sap or honeydew
  • Leaf discoloration
  • Curled, wilted, or skeletonized leaves
  • Thinning canopy and leaf drop
  • Stunted leaf or branch growth
  • Holes, bark, or sawdust surrounding trunk
  • Lifting roots

Fast Management of Common Seattle Tree Pests

Rapid treatment is critical to protecting the health and lifespan of trees on your Seattle property. Our trained tree wellness technicians can quickly detect dangerous and invasive Seattle pest species, including:

  • Long-horned beetle
  • Emerald ash borer
  • Bronze birch borer
  • Woody adelgid
  • Spotted lanternfly
  • Asian giant hornet
  • And other pests and common tree diseases

Once the insects responsible for damaging your Seattle trees have been identified, our experienced arborists will begin pest management treatments. These may include horticultural oil or soap, soil injections, and other methods to prevent insects from spreading and safeguard your landscape from further destruction.

Environmentally Friendly Tree Pest Management

We use environmentally safe methods tailored to your Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Kent, Edmonds, or Bothell property’s needs. You can count on us to protect your trees, eliminate pests, and bring your trees back to good health. Our team is well-versed in tending to properties of all sizes, from small business and retail centers to large schools, golf courses, and industrial parks.

Are your trees showing signs of pest infestation? Prevent the spread and eliminate invasive insects with Seattle tree and pest services from Arborwell Professional Tree Management. Contact us at to request an arborist assessment today.

Seattle – The Emerald City

Seattle is awe-inspiring from the Space Needle to the city’s majestic mountains, scenic shorelines, and acres of forest. This Washington wonder is full of natural beauty and a favored place to visit, live, and do business. It is home to more than 4.2 million people and mega-businesses like Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks, and Boeing. Arborwell is proud to play a leading role in keeping the city looking its best, providing trustworthy arborist services in Seattle since 2001.

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