Tree Conservation Services

Tree Conservation Services for the San Francisco Peninsula

Tree Conservation Services

Efforts to save the redwoods are well-known, but tree conservation services on the San Francisco Peninsula are needed for other tree species, too.

The Bay Area’s favorable climate encourages a tree population that is remarkable for its diversity. Among the region’s many distinctive trees are the trident maple, flaxleaf paperback, cork oak, and peppermint willow. Lindens, fern pines, and jacarandas line city streets throughout the peninsula.

The area’s tree canopy is in danger, however. The San Francisco Forest Alliance says the city’s tree canopy is shrinking due to factors such as climate change, development, and public apathy.

Arborwell wants to focus the spirit that saved our beautiful redwood groves in the early 20th century toward tree conservation services for the San Francisco peninsula’s urban areas. We actively support groups such as the Tree Research and Education Endowment Fund, which seeks to educate people on the importance of trees in our lives.

We Help Save Valuable Trees with These Services

Trees are essential to our well-being. In addition to releasing oxygen into the air while absorbing excess carbon dioxide, trees protect and provide homes for animals, stabilize and enrich the soil, and help humans reduce energy usage.

Arborwell helps corporations, HOAs, estate owners, and governments manage trees on their properties with a variety of tree conservation services that include:

  • So you can more effectively manage your property, our certified arborists prepare comprehensive reports after carefully evaluating your trees. These reports include information on tree numbers, their species, health, and value while providing insight on their long-term care.
  • Long-term management. A program of professional tree management helps you plan for the future. Arborwell tailors year-round services, which may include pruning, planting, removal or relocation, and GIS mapping, to each client’s requirements.
  • Health care. Proactive health management guards your trees against pests and disease. We’re also skilled at rejuvenating ailing trees, keeping your property beautiful while saving on the costs of removal and planting new trees.

You Can Help Us Conserve Our Trees

Here are a few of the ways you can contribute to Arborwell’s tree conservation efforts in the San Francisco peninsula:

  • Plant a tree. Before you plant a tree on your own, consult local government on your choice of tree and where you may plant. Study proper planting techniques to ensure your tree will be part of the urban landscape for years.
  • Save paper. The less paper we consume, the more trees we save. Instead of buying a book, borrow from your local library. Use both sides of a piece of paper for grocery lists or the kids’ drawings. Buy recycled paper products whenever possible.
  • Join a tree group. In the San Francisco peninsula, groups such as TreePeople, and Friends of the Urban Forest promote arboriculture and awareness of the importance of trees. Many sponsor tree-planting programs.

Discover more about Arborwell’s tree conservation services throughout the San Francisco peninsula. Call today to speak to an Arborwell expert.

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