The Importance of Landscape Tree Services for Commercial Properties and Estates

The first impression people have of your grounds can significantly impact your business, reflecting how you manage daily operations and how much you care for the environment. Reap the significant benefits of lush, inviting landscaping with professional landscape tree services for your Bay Area commercial property or estate. Your investment in grounds care will deliver extraordinary benefits.

Regular Tree Pruning Supports Healthy, Vigorous Trees and Reduces Maintenance

Beautiful, tidy landscaping significantly increases the resale value of your commercial property. It attracts clients passing by, reflecting your detail-oriented, proactive approach to operating all aspects of your business. Regularly pruned trees also fare better in storms, suffering less damage and shedding fewer limbs and leaves that can pose obstacles for vehicles and pedestrians. Our commercial landscape maintenance plans meet your grounds care needs year-round, taking tree trimming tasks off your to-do list and giving you more time to focus on your business. 

Careful Shaping Provides Shade and Supports Tree Growth

Greenery offers shade for cooling and reduces solar radiation’s effects, keeping the surrounding ground up to 25 degrees cooler than pavement and other hard surfaces. This effect can dramatically impact comfort on your property and in nearby buildings, significantly reducing energy use and expense. Using trees for shade doesn’t mean you can let them grow wild, however. Proper pruning supports tree health, directing growth, and removing dying and diseased branches that negatively impact tree health.

Controlling Tree Root Growth Circumvents Damage

Preventing tree roots from infiltrating pavement, underground piping, and building foundations is an ongoing issue for any commercial property with large trees. Fortunately, root growth can be directed away from critical infrastructure with minimal impact to tree health by our skilled arborists.

Tree Selection and Placement Can Help You Tackle Water Management Challenges

Whether it’s too little or too much, Bay Area business owners frequently find themselves at the mercy of water management issues. Thoughtful tree selection and placement can be a great asset here, reducing watering needs and controlling stormwater runoff. Our knowledgeable consulting arborists can help you select and place the right tree species to address these issues, creating a long-term, proactive tree management plan customized to your grounds.

Placement and Pruning Support Airflow and Light for Surrounding Plants and Property

Our skilled arborists know that the placement and pruning of trees can serve many functions:

  • Blocking frigid winter winds
  • Allowing light to shine through the darkness to ensure nighttime safety
  • Providing air filtration
  • Effectively blocking noise
  • And more

Whatever grounds challenges you face, talk to one of our tree specialists to learn how our tree care services can help you mitigate those issues.

Regular Care Reduces the Incidence of Pests and Disease

Invasive pests can quickly take a toll on trees that don’t have a strong foundation. With routine care from our landscape service team, you can rest assured our technicians will promptly identify invasive pests. Our experienced pest control specialists use only the latest safe, environmentally friendly methods, protecting the health of your trees and the environment.

Certified Arborist Evaluations Safeguard Your Business Against Liability

Our ISA certified arborists provide detailed arborist reports featuring essential information to protect your business against liability in the event of personal injury or property damage suits and insurance claims. These reports are frequently needed to justify removing hazardous trees or to clear land for property development.

A well-kept, beautiful landscape is good for business. Maximize the benefits of your green spaces with landscape tree services for commercial properties and estates from Arborwell. Reach out to your Seattle, San Diego, Sacramento, San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose, or Oakland/East Bay Area local office to request a complimentary tree assessment today.

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