Why Test Your Soil Before Planting Trees?

It’s easy to get caught up in the beauty of trees, purchasing your favorite species to grace your grounds with little thought beyond their lovely looks. Despite your best intentions, your trees could quickly end up suffering, dragging down the appearance of your property. Planning is essential to tree wellness and ensures a lush, healthy landscape that enhances curb appeal and value. The most overlooked and crucial step in this process is a simple soil test. Why test your soil before planting trees?

Soil Compatibility is a Life-or-Death Issue for Trees

One of the biggest challenges in establishing healthy trees is soil quality. Incompatibility with soil acidity or alkalinity, available nutrients, and soluble salts, as well as the presence of contaminants like bacteria, fungi, and pesticides, can take down even the healthiest trees. Like putting a brightly colored saltwater fish in a freshwater tank simply because it’s available, plopping random tree species willy-nilly throughout your grounds could be detrimental to their health. Each species of tree requires a specific environment for optimal health. Meet these needs, and your trees will thrive with minimal maintenance.

Uncover Potential Problems with a Soil Report

Scheduling a soil test before planting trees can uncover potential issues with new trees or explain why existing trees are in poor health, identifying:

  • pH levels

The optimal pH for most plants is between 5.5-7.0. Our trained tree care experts can apply environmentally safe nutrients for soil outside this range to restore pH to optimal levels.

  • Soil composition

The percentage of sand, silt, or clay in soil impacts drainage. Our tree care experts know how to address compaction and moisture issues at the root of soil composition complications that threaten trees.

  • Nutrient concentrations

Missing nutrients such as iron, manganese, and zinc can cause chlorosis or yellowing of leaves. To improve soil and keep foliage green, restoring nutrients with fertilizer treatments is essential.

Test Soil First, Plant Trees Later

With soil test information and help from a knowledgeable arborist, you can select trees ideally suited to your soil type, ensuring a lasting investment that enhances your landscape design.

Enjoy a beautiful, healthy, lasting landscape. Test your soil before planting trees. Contact Arborwell Professional Tree Management at and talk to our arborists about soil testing and selecting suitable trees for your San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Hayward, or Sacramento commercial property today.

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