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Beneficial Insect Release

Another solution to pest management that has become more popular in recent years is the release of beneficial insects. These are essentially good guy insects that attack the eggs or larva of the harmful insects. In the natural, their population in a given area varies a lot depending on the sources of food they have.

Beneficial insects are a valuable asset to the ecosystem, besides preying on harmful pests, they are good pollinators too. An example of a beneficial insect is green lacewing. They have a wide array of insect targets including aphids, psyllids, and Tussock moth and other caterpillars. Beneficial insect releases can be incorporated into plant health care programs, especially as a multi-year plan to combat ongoing pest infestations. Incorporating beneficial insects to your landscape help restore a healthy and natural balance to the environment.

Insect releases are a more sustainable and ecofriendly approach to managing pests in landscapes.  As a natural approach to pest control, this is a great way to reduce the overall use of chemicals in the landscape. This program serves the purpose of integrated pest managements as well: a sustainable model to manage pests employing biological, cultural, and physical practices to create long term results.

beneficial insectsbeneficial insects

Most of the time, though, people don’t realize the importance of creating a program that takes into account the timing, repeated releases throughout the season and the importance of enhancing the landscape with specific plants that beneficials are attracted to when there is no prey available. Over the course of several years a successful program can be developed for a site or area that reduces chemical use to minimal amounts and maintains a population of beneficial insects with occasional input, thus reducing the overall costs of insect suppression. Arborwell has plant health care experts that can help our arborists develop a beneficial insect release. If you are interested in a program of beneficial insect release to supplement your current insect management plan are reduce overall pesticide use, contact Arborwell today.

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