Regular tree fertilization ensures healthy and vibrant growth

Tree Fertilization Services for HOA's, Commercial Properties and Estates in California

tree fertilization serviceDo your trees look off color? When was the last time you scheduled tree fertilization? Arborwell’s expert tree care will restore their lost vitality.

Arborwell’s ISA certified arborists offer advanced tree care services including tree and plant fertilization (with a 50% organic fertilizer safe for humans) in California and have a number of Wellness Tree Health Protection Plans for you to choose from.

We are well-versed with the soil, terrain and climate conditions of the region and needs of the plants, shrubs and trees that grow here. Our extensive experience enables us to quickly diagnose problems and provide appropriate remedial treatments that restore plant and tree health in a relatively short span of time.

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Tree fertilization is an expert’s job

Just like us, trees also need to maintain the right balance of nutrients to ensure vibrant growth. Timely and regular tree and plant fertilization is like a vitamin boost that restores good health and helps them withstand stress.

However, tree fertilization requires in depth knowledge of tree and plant care as well as experienced treatments. Too much or too little can do a lot of damage and off the shelf applications don’t always bring the best results.

Why choose our tree fertilization program?

Comprehensive plant and tree care service that includes tree inspection, preservation, transplanting, replacement and removal
Detailed tree assessment to determine exact treatment
Proven tree care applications and programs
Certified arborists whose expertise is much sought after by property management companies, real estate developers, golf courses, recreation areas, private residences and estates
Customized tree fertilization program and Diamond Certification (by ARC) ensures best results

Arborwell Professional Tree Management offers first rate arboricultural services in Northern California. We are committed to preserving your trees and increasing your property value.

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When do you need tree fertilization?

• At least once a year to restore important nutrients
• Young trees are especially susceptible to stress and disease and need regular tree fertilization
• When there are signs of yellowing or discoloration of leaves
• You see slow shoot growth
• Low pH levels and nutrient deficiency in soil
• Low moisture levels due to extreme summer heat
• To remove soil compaction
• When trees are under stress from construction in surrounding areas

There are at least twenty essential elements (nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P) and potassium (K) are the most important) that plants and trees need to grow. Arborwell’s experienced and meticulous plant and tree fertilization treatments provide the right nutrition and care that will extend the life of your flora and fauna.

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