Identify & Mitigate Liability

Arborwell helps identify and mitigate potential liability on your property.

Trees can be your most valuable landscape assets – they can also be your most significant liabilities. Trees that are not properly cared for can end up causing major damage, putting your buildings, parking lots, tenants’/homeowners’ vehicles, and even people at risk.

The extent of what a tree can do in regards to posing risk can vary greatly:

    • Their roots can tear up a sidewalk and/or parking lot and can create awful trip hazards and even damage water or gas lines

    • Breaking and/or weakly-attached branches can fall on vehicles, property or people beneath them

    • The fruit or seed pods they drop on the ground can cause damage to the surfaces on which they land, and can cause trip hazards for passersby

At Arborwell, our certified Tree Risk Assessors can help identify potential risks and help you manage the problem before any damage can be done. We will walk your property with you and show you where your potential hazards exist and how we can best manage them – through regular maintenance, plant health care, or, when necessary, removal. We also teach you how to recognize potential warning signs to identify any future potential hazards – water sprouts, mushrooms at the base of the trunk, codominant stems and included bark, etc.

Click here to see our “Where Does It Hurt?” Tree Diagram to help you identify potential risk.

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