What Does a City Arborist Do?

The benefits of enlisting the help of an arborist in parks and forests are clear. However, in urban environments, you may overlook the advantages of partnering with a skilled arborist. Yet, in this environment, an arborist’s role can be even more crucial – benefitting the trees and city residents. What does a city arborist do?

City Arborists Ensure Tree Health

Our ISA-certified arborists have extensive knowledge and experience in:

Urban tree healthcare

Like you, trees need proper care and nutrients to stay healthy. Our arborists act as caring parents, inspecting and evaluating tree conditions to meet their unique maintenance, fertilization, aeration, and irrigation needs.

Tree pruning and maintenance

Regular tree trimming , including removing dead wood and damaged branches, promotes healthy growth and offers natural protection against insects and disease.

Pest and disease prevention

Our trained arborists can quickly identify pests and diseases, ensuring rapid control to prevent spread.

Landscape planning

Add new trees for enhancement or obtain permits for land development with help from our city arborists. Planting each tree in the right environment is integral to its long-term health.

Urban Foresters Ensure a Safe Environment

Our skilled city arborists protect both trees and residents:

Removing problem limbs

Trees can cause damage if ignored and untouched. Routine care is crucial to preventing issues from fallen limbs, including injury, property damage, and power outages.

Providing emergency tree care

Safely and efficiently remove fallen or dangerous trees with help from our capable city arborists.

Keeping the city cool

Properly pruned trees safeguard residents against fallen limbs while providing the ideal amount of shade and shelter to reduce the urban heat island effect and keep cities cool.

Proper Forest Management Safeguards Precious Resources

In addition to caring for trees and ensuring citizen safety, our certified local tree specialists protect scarce resources, preventing soil erosion and preserving water through mindful landscape maintenance and irrigation practices.

City Arborists Artfully Navigate Red Tape

Urban foresters know how to contend with politicians and government agencies regarding arboricultural rules and enforce tree preservation regulations. They have the skills to devise landscaping and tree management plans within city budgets and evaluate tree removal permits, making recommendations and decisions surrounding the risks and design benefits of landscaping.

City arborists ensure the beauty, value, and safety of trees. Do you have a city arborist on your side? Speak to an arborist in your area. Contact your local San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Hayward, or Sacramento Arborwell Professional Tree Management office today.

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