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Challenges with Caring for Redwood Trees

Towering redwood trees make quite an impact and are beloved by residents and visitors alike. Robust and long-lived, these large trees suffer comparatively few issues, though they’re not problem-free. What are the challenges with caring for redwood trees on your San Diego, Sacramento, San Francisco, or Seattle property? Be on the lookout for these red flags.

Diseases: Heart and Sap Rot in Redwood Trees

Insidious fungi causing heart or sap rot can take down even the tallest redwood trees. Common types like white ring rot and brown cubical rot weaken inner wood, causing significant breakage. Fungi leading to lesions in the bark also attracts pests, compounding tree health problems. Fortunately, you can avoid heart and sap rot with preventative tree care.

Pests: Bark Beetles and Cypress Tip Miners in Redwoods

While most massive redwoods scoff at the presence of pests, some pose more problems than others. Watch for signs like yellowed or browning leaves, which could indicate the presence of cypress tip miners. Also, be on the lookout for holes in the woody trunk and limbs of redwoods, which point to bark beetles and these insects require rapid pest management.

Competition: Weeds and Animals

Weeds encroaching on your redwood trees’ territory compete for water and nutrients and can serve as hosts for pests and diseases. Animals may also damage and infiltrate tree bark and root systems, creating wounds that make the trees more susceptible to illness.

Environmental Challenges: Wildfires and Pollution

When you’re stressed, your overall health takes a hit. Trees are much the same. Those that have suffered the effects of air pollution, drought, and wildfires from climate change are more prone to attack by pests and diseases than healthy trees. Distressed trees are easy to identify, suffering discolored leaves or leaf drop when severely impacted.

Age: Problems with Young Redwood Trees

Our experienced arborists know that young redwood trees are far more susceptible to these issues than older, established trees. Trees under 20 years old are especially at risk, lacking the bark development that allows their elders to survive pests, diseases, and even fires.

Has maintaining your redwood trees become a tall order? Meet the challenges of caring for redwood trees with help from Arborwell Professional Tree Management. Contact us at to schedule tree care services for your San Diego, Sacramento, San Francisco, or Seattle property today.

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