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Soil Analysis for Tree Health

Why should you perform a soil analysis for tree health? Unhealthy soil causes a staggering 80% of tree wellness issues. Soil characteristics vary from site to site. A custom soil analysis can quickly uncover valuable information on pH, organic matter, and nutrient levels on your grounds, identifying the root cause of issues impacting your tree’s health.

Skip the Guessing Games with a Soil Test

By performing a soil test, you can avoid spending time or money on soil amendments you don’t need and instead get to the root cause of your tree health and appearance issues. It takes just a few minutes to take a sample. With information from a custom soil analysis, our certified arborists can:

Uncover soil pH issues impacting tree health

Improper soil pH, whether too high or too low, prevents plants from taking in soil nutrients.

Detect nutrient deficiencies

When soil lacks available nutrients, your trees suffer deficiencies that make them unable to grow vigorously and more susceptible to pests and diseases.

Identify soil composition

Soil type is directly linked with soil drainage and irrigation challenges.

Gain Actionable Information from Our Consulting Arborists

Soil testing is the first step in a comprehensive tree management plan. Our ISA certified arborists help you take the next step, translating your soil test results into digestible information and an actionable plan that facilitates:

Adjusting soil pH

Selecting the appropriate soil amendments to balance pH is easy once you know your baseline.

Choosing the ideal fertilizers

With a custom soil analysis, our tree wellness experts identify the best fertilizers to restore soil macronutrients like nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium as well as micronutrients such as iron, manganese, boron, and zinc without the danger of overfertilization.


Our knowledgeable arborists know with the right amendments, you can correct common soil composition issues, preserving water with mulch, improving drainage and aeration with soil conditioners, addressing soil compaction, and more.

Arborwell Performs Soil Tests and Tree Care Services Throughout the West Coast

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Your trees’ health is dependent on soil quality. Don’t put your valuable landscape at risk with experimental treatments – ensure health and longevity with a soil analysis for tree health from Arborwell Professional Tree Management. Contact us at to request a soil test and arborist consultation for your San Diego, Sacramento, San Francisco, or Seattle property today.

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